Newegg Now Accepting BitCoins

/ 3 years ago


This year is certainly proving to be a big year for BitCoin, as more and more major retailers start accepting the cryptocurrency as a method of payment. The latest addition to the list is Newegg, who announced on Tuesday that it would begin accepting Bitcoin payments via the Bitpay service.

“Adopting bitcoin as a payment method is another way we’re responding to our customers’ diverse needs.” said Newegg Chief Marketing Officer Soren Mills.

With most major retailers now accepting the digital currency, it’s getting easier than ever to purchase all your favourite items online with digital currency. The mining boom may be over, but the popularity of the coins is far from gone. The illegal dealings image that once cast a shadow of these digital currencies is certainly starting to fade and these days it’s perfectly simple to legitimately purchase and spend your BitCoins.

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