Newegg Secure Exclusive Deal for Asus X99 WS Motherboards in US

/ 3 years ago


Breaking news for those looking to invest in the brand new Intel X99 chipset based motherboards! Asus and Newegg have secured an exclusive deal to ship their new X99 WS motherboard exclusively via Newegg in the US, so if you’re in the market for one of the leading motherboards in the new X99 ranges, then you’ve only got one choice of retailer. This is a pretty big deal for Newegg given that these boards are highly desirable and their launch comes along side the release of DDR4 and the new Haswell-E CPUs.

Aside from investing in a new flagship CPU and a set of expensive DDR4, the new board will set you back an eyewatering $529 from Newegg Business, but you do get a lot back for your money in terms of build quality, reliability and a lot of extra features such as 4-way CrossFireX and SLI with x16 on all four slots, support for i7 and Xeon E5 chips such as the E5-1600, dual Gigabit NICs, 10 USB 3.0 connectors at the back and a whole lot more.

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X99 has only had the veil officially lifted for a few hours now, so expect even more details on availability and prices of this board, as well as others in the Asus and X99 ranges over the coming days.

Image courtesy of Asus.

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One Response to “Newegg Secure Exclusive Deal for Asus X99 WS Motherboards in US”
  1. Wayne says:

    These exclusive deals should be outlawed, all it is is anti competitive business practices. Not that this particular exclusivity affects me in any way but for consumers looking for best prices on this board are screwed.

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