News for Borderlands 2

/ 7 years ago

Gamesom is continuing to announce more goodies, this time it’s about Borderlands 2.

A livestream at Gamescom announced some features that will be found in the new Borderlands 2.
New in the sequel will be:

  • Splitscreen online;
  • More reasonable way to trade items;
  • Nearly entirely reworked UI;
  • Better splitscreen skill tree;
  • No more problems with multiplayer eligibility, which sounds like a balanced way of allowing players of different levels to play together;
  • They’re aiming for a lot more of diversity in the environments;
  • There will also be a new game+ mode;
  • Mentioned as well were “refined” vehicle controls, with power-sliding and “independent suspension”.

Randy Pitchford also suggested that they might try to support both Halo style point and go controls, and direct steering: “As a gamer, I want both.”


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