Newzbin2 threatens BT ahead of potentially filtering

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A judge in London recently ruled that under the 1988 act of Copyright, Design and Patents BT must block its internet users from accessing the website newzbin because it violates UK law. Therefore, BT must apply its website filtering system to block access to Newzbin2, it intends to use its cleanfeed filtering system. BT is planning to return to court in October in order to get details on how to carry out the blocking.

The administrators of Newzbin2 commented that they will “ensure continuity of service to our UK readers” by making sure any application of a filter to their site would be broken. This leaves BT in a troublesome position, should it go ahead and enact the filtering it risks its “cleanfeed” technology being hacked and disabled resulting in all previously filtered websites becoming available such as those showing child pornography. However, should it choose to give in to Newzbin2 and not filter the website it faces potential court action for not following the ruling laid out by law.

Newzbin2 is a website which lets users access films, TV shows, games, books and music for free, much like the pirate bay. It is run from an offshore location in the Seychelles after it was previously ran in the UK and shut down in May 2005. According to statistics from the MPAA it has 700,000 active users and generates profits each year for its operators of $1.6 million. About 70% of the content on Newzbin2 is ripped and recorded TV programs.

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