Next Battlefield Game Could Ditch Military In Favour Of Police Action

/ 4 years ago


Rumours are floating around about the next game in the Battlefield series, and while many of you will be thinking “what, Battlefield 4 already!”, it actually sounds like it could be massive departure from the main series. The new game is currently under development with the codename “Havana” and could see the game taking a break from military based action, to that of the police force. When we say police, we can only image it means something like SWAT, or an American police force, but of course that part remains to be seen.

The game will be developed by the team at Visceral Games, who’ve got a pretty decent track record for the kind of close quarters action that you might expect from police based encountered, given that the team has previously worked on titles such as Dead Space.

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It’ll be great to see how this turns out and it’s a perfect time to re-boot what used to be one of the best parts of the FPS gaming market, anyone else remember playing SWAT for hours on end?

Thank you Tweak Town for providing us with this information.

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2 Responses to “Next Battlefield Game Could Ditch Military In Favour Of Police Action”
  1. Zivar RocKoo Reloaded says:

    nice im down for that 🙂

  2. Haskel Stegall says:

    BF4 was a crap game i WILL NOT be buying another bf4 1/2 or bf5 for that case.EA screwed enough people, its a real shame because Dice’s hand is forced to do what there told. and you cant say i havent played BF4. or even BF3, jackwagon3030 is my game name look and weep, im not an average player i was maxed out in rank with in 3 weeks of game play in BF4 a total of 136 hrs, took 700+ hrs in BF3

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