Next Dragon Age Game is in Mid-Production Stages

Dragon Age feels like such a poorly handled franchise in recent years, and it deserves to be so much more in my mind. The games don’t quite mesh together too well, and I often found controls to be a little muddled at times. Albeit, it’s been many years since I played one, so perhaps my brain is fuzzy on the details. However, they were hugely ambitious titles too, with some great stories and characters to discover. What baffles me though, is where the hell the games went? They just stopped releasing them in an era where sequels seem to rule the market. Alas, it seems we will be getting another one, eventually.

Dragon Age

BioWare has issued a new development update, which states that the new Dragon Age title is in its mid-production development stages. That’s a good thing, it means serious progress and likely a large team is currently deployed on the game. It would also suggest it’s going well, and you can see what BioWare had to say below or read their full statement on their blog.


“For the next Dragon Age, we are right in the middle of Production, which is a great feeling. Our blueprint was completed last year, so we’re now focused on building out our vision: creating amazing environments, deep characters, strong gameplay, impactful writing, emotional cinematics – and much more. The blueprint for the game is well understood and the team is focused.”

It sounds very upbeat and positive, and not just the usual twaddle brands can feed their investors. Having a blueprint completed last year is promising too, it means the game is not in development/pre-production hell, and they have people really building the end product now. It’s just a case of building the parts and putting it all together.

Of course, I wouldn’t expect the game any time soon. I doubt we’ll even see so much as a trailer this year! Alas, stay tuned, you never know with these things. But I bet we’ll be playing this game in around two years.

Peter Donnell

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