Next Gen APUs to contain HD 7000 graphics

/ 6 years ago

An Internal AMD presentation shows that the next generation of Accelerated Processing Units or APUs will definitely contain the 40nm VLIW4 graphics cores along with the current 32nm CPU architecture. With the “Trinity” APUs AMD is expecting to bring about a 50% improvement in GigaFLOPS performance over the current archictecture. The Trinity APUs will be known as Comal for Notebooks and as Virgo for desktops. The CPU architecture will be code name Piledriver which is not the same as Bulldozer. It is redesigned to ensure compatibility in a smaller surface area since there has to be room for a graphics core in the die as well. AMD expects that these APUs will arrive to market in 2012, however no specific date was set but given the fact the current APUs are only just starting to fully go to market expect it to be late 2012 before these arrive allowing AMD to exploit the full commercial potential of the current generation of APUs.


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