Next-Gen Haswell ASRock Motherboards To Be Waterproof

/ 4 years ago


A couple of days ago we brought you the news of the ASRock Haswell LGA 1150 motherboard line up, which had been revealed by a series of leaks. From that we found out not only what models ASRock were producing and what they looked like, but also that ASRock was opting to integrated WLAN on its motherboards. In addition to that innovation ASRock is also reportedly looking to add enhanced onboard audio, a HDMI in port (for video recording) and include HomeCloud software.

However, the stand-out feature, by far, is the news that select ASRock Haswell LGA 1150 motherboards will be waterproof. Yes I did say waterproof. You may think it is a strange feature but with the proliferation of water cooling both in terms of custom loops and AIO systems, it does make sense. The waterproofing is done by a conformal coating which is meant to make the motherboard more resistant to coolant spills. ASRock doesn’t guarantee protection from water damage but it is a step in the right direction to making motherboards more durable.

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The last time I saw any manufacturer do something similar to this was when Gigabyte offered “humidity protection” on its glass fabric PCB motherboards. However, waterproofing is a significant improvement over only humidity protection.

What are your thoughts on this move by ASRock? A good idea? Should more motherboard vendors do it?


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5 Responses to “Next-Gen Haswell ASRock Motherboards To Be Waterproof”
  1. Who the hell need a waterproof motherboard?

    • Indloon says:

      Watercooled PC users and AIO system users.

      • Do you know of any water cooler user who has mentioned they’d like a waterproof board? If there’s is a leak, and we assume the leak comes from the waterblock itself, then it’s most likely the GPU that ends up in deep water (pun intended). The only people this could possibly benefit are the LN2 crowd. (Maybe ASRock should consider including a drip tray). It might make more sense to use this conformal coating on their O/C boards only. I see this as nothing more than a gimmick.

  2. Well, this would be a great and needed feature not just for the water cooling loop/AIO guys but for LN2 guys too!! this will def be a sought out feature if done correctly.My only concern is how exactly they are going to pull this off and if its a coating going over the finished product, will it trap heat? will we have caps exploding, diodes popping etc…? im def very intrigued though.

  3. “an HDMI port”

    Phonetics makes it so.

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