Next-Gen iPhone Could Have DSLR-Quality Camera

/ 3 years ago


Rumour has it, the next Apple iPhone could feature a dual-lens camera, capable of hi-res, DSLR-quality photos. The news comes from John Gruber of tech news site Daring Fireball, saying on his podcast The Talk Show that a “birdie of a birdie” had informed him of the development.

The dual-lens set-up is not a new idea: the HTC implemented a similar twin-camera system on its One M8 smartphone handset, which allowed unique depth of field effects. Coinicidentally, Sony recently announced Exmor RS IMX230 camera, a dual-lens CMOS sensor capable of capturing 21-megapixel images. Since Apple has a history of using Sony sensors in previous handsets, this could well be the hardware that features in future iPhone models. Apple has previously recused itself from the smartphone camera war, being content with the 8-megapixel camera that has been a fixture since the iPhone 4.

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One Response to “Next-Gen iPhone Could Have DSLR-Quality Camera”
  1. Wayne says:

    So fans can expect a 8mp dual lens camera.

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