Next-Gen Xbox planned for next holiday season: Microsoft

/ 5 years ago

The new gaming console from Microsoft is planned to release somewhere between next year’s thanksgiving and Christmas. However Microsoft doesn’t seem sure if they will unveil it in expos such as E3 or have a dedicated event only for the device.

Nintendo Wii- U’s sales in U.S. is high enough not to have stocks on retail shelves and also will release Wii- Mini in few days. Sony did apply to patent their new controllers though its not certain its if for Playstation 3 or Playstation 2. After looking at XBox 360’s sales numbers during Thanksgiving/ Black Friday, it is certain that console manufacturers will be more keen on releasing their consoles just in time for the holidays to maximize profits.

The new console- Xbox 720- is rumoured to be smaller than the existing console and may come with AMD’s Southern Islands GPU– or a modded Radeon 7000 Series, an SSD as a choice to store games. One can speculate if it will come with either a blu-ray drive or will not use any optical drive and that users will require to games via online.

Source: Bloomberg

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