Next-Gen Xbox Price Leak Comes From A Reliable Source

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Earlier this week the news finally broke that Microsoft was officially working on a next-gen games console and sure we may have known about it for about a year now through various leaks and rumours, Microsoft had done well to stay stubborn and deny the whole thing, not that we believed their lies of course!

Either way, the Next-Gen Xbox is on its way and in just a few short weeks Microsoft will blow the lid off the next-gen goodness that they’ve been hiding in Redmond for all the world to see, yet while we have heard of leaked specs and a million other rumours (all unfounded) we do have one sneaky bit of information that I personally think has a pretty reliable source.

Paul Thurrott leaked the announcement dates for the console, confirmed this week by Microsoft and we see that Paul was right on the money with this one, so is he right on “the money” for the cost of the hardware, maybe so. If Paul is to be believed then we can expect an early November launch for the Xbox, which as you may know is the same time as the PlayStation 4! with a new Xbox setting you back around $499 or just $299 with a monthly $10 subscription, similar to how that of a smartphone contract would work.

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With the prospect of Blu-ray, Windows 8 software and more its certainly going to make for an interesting presentation next month and one can only speculate until then, but who will confirm price and release date first, Sony or Microsoft? Either way, the race for release date and no doubt a retailing price war, is on!

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5 Responses to “Next-Gen Xbox Price Leak Comes From A Reliable Source”
  1. Interesting that they are looking to offer a console on a subscription basis.

  2. Fabio says:

    Thats kinda cool to be honest

  3. uggg 300 was too much for the last one >.<

  4. im waiting for christmas or til its gone down 200 smacks

  5. I don’t care because I’m a PC gamer. Consoles are missing out.

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