The Next Level of Enthusiast and Extreme Cooling from EK

EK Computex 2018

EK are a custom loop company, that’s what they do best. They’ve been pushing to create premium AIO coolers for a while, with mixed success. However, this could be the model that finally breaks them into that market.

Using new custom loop hardware, the CPU block of your choice, tubing, radiator and all come pre-assembled and pre-filled.

They use a design that moves the reservoir, pump and control hardware into the custom housing for the radiator and fans.

Again, it’s custom, but it’s technically AIO too. It features their new VARDAR EVO RGB fans and promises big on performance, but let’s just hope they nail the price, as this is a tough market to crack.


Servers are typically air cooled, using tiny turbofans that are anything but quiet and not overly efficient either. Their new low profile blocks and tubing interlinks mean they can fit their low height thick radiators in a rack. This isn’t for your typical consumer, but if they can help maintain higher CPU performance, lower heat and noise, there’s a big market for this hardware.

EK-Annihilator EX/EP

Again showing off their new blocks and how they can be a big space saver compared to conventional water cooling blocks. If you’re packing these motherboards full of extreme hardware, space is key, as is the performance. It’ll be interesting to see how these products develop and where the market interest is.

Multi-GPU Cooling Now Easier Than Ever

Extreme workstations, such as Nvidia real-time Ray Tracing system, tend to run extremely hot. If you’re running 4 x GV100 cards on air, you’re going to hear that beast. However, EK has created a special bridge block that allows shorter water cooling tubing runs to each GPU. This is better than bridging one card to the next, as if one card fails, you have to drain the whole look and rebuild.

Now, you can remove the tubes from one GPU as they have a stopper valve, remove the card, add the new one, reconnect the tubes, and you’re back in business. This is going to be a big hit with those building rendering rigs, I guarantee it.


Their consumer focused products have had a bit of a redress too. The new designs certainly stand out, and we love the improved red fittings. You’ll be seeing these on the shelf pretty soon too, so keep an eye out for them.

Computex 2018 Coverage

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