Next Xbox Console May Support Steam, Claims Insider

An insider believes that the next Xbox console will support Steam, giving gamers access to a vast library of PC games.

Insider’s Confident Prediction

Jez Corden, a well-known insider, confidently stated that the next Xbox console will include Steam. He tweeted, “100% Steam is on the next Xbox.” Corden’s predictions often prove accurate, adding credibility to this claim. If true, Xbox users will be able to play a wide range of PC games on their console.

Potential Benefits and Challenges

Introducing Steam to Xbox could be a major advantage for Microsoft. Gamers would no longer be restricted to the Microsoft Store, and would instead gain access to the extensive Steam library. This move could make Xbox more appealing, potentially boosting console sales. However, it could also pose challenges. Steam often offers better pricing and promotions, which might affect Xbox’s ecosystem.

Microsoft’s Strategy

Microsoft has been working towards unifying the gaming experience across platforms. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has previously expressed interest in bringing various storefronts to Xbox consoles. Integrating Steam aligns with Microsoft’s vision of making gaming more accessible. This strategy could set Xbox apart from its competitors and attract a larger user base.

While this information is still speculative, the potential for Steam support on the next Xbox console is intriguing. Gamers are excited about the possibilities, including a wider selection of games and better deals. However, it’s important to manage expectations until Microsoft makes an official announcement. The next Xbox console is targeting a 2026 release, and further details are eagerly awaited.

Solomon Thompson

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