Next Xbox Console to be APU powered?

/ 6 years ago

Microsoft is expected to bring out the successor to the Xbox 360 at 2012’s E3 event and speculation has started to spread that the next Xbox console will not be based off the improved IBM cell processor as previously reported but off of an AMD accelerated processing unit or APU. Giving the Xbox powerful graphics and DX11 capabilities.

However, it is not expected that these will be based on the current “Llano” based APUs it is widely believed that the newer “Trinity” based APUs due to be released at a later date will be the motors of the new Xbox consoles. Earlier this week a high ranking AMD employee talked about the next generation of Xbox console graphics and how the “Trinity” APU could provide 50% more performance and give “Avatar-like” graphics (reference to the film by James Cameron”.

So therefore it seems highly likely the Xbox 720 will be a AMD Radeon based console.

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  • Dean Oldfield

    lol avatar graphics :')

  • Leo Bien Durana

    I think it's possible. (Rendering "still" 3D models lol) But oh well, we have to wait. Xbox 720 should be called Nextbox, lol

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