Nexus 7 reaches 2GHz

/ 5 years ago

Google’s Nexus 7 tablet packs impressive bang-for-buck, yet that hasn’t stopped enthusiasts trying to get more out of it. In its stock configuration the Nexus 7 is clocked at 1.3GHz maximum across four cores but that varies with the amount of load the Nexus 7 CPU has to deal with.

The Nexus 7 already got some treatment that brought it to 1.64GHz by some Android enthusiasts. The latest overclock makes that achievement look miniscule. There’s a new kernel floating around, offering 1.8GHz, with another 200MHz on offer too with a less stable Kernel.

The modified Kernels can be downloaded from the XDA forums and anyone should know right away that this obviously voids your warranty, drains your battery quicker and reduces component lifespan. But what is 2GHz to the average user without some benchmarks to show the difference in performance?

The current “Elite” kernel on offer from XDA also ups the GPU clock from 416MHz to 650MHz. If you’re worried that these new Kernels might turn your sexy looking Nexus 7 into a brick, then you can get consumer-stable Kernels which increase the GPU by less, from 416MHz to 520MHz.

If I had a Nexus 7, I can assure you I wouldn’t let it come close to one of these Kernel updates. But if you’re brave enough to try one, then best of luck!


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