Nexus 7 tablets experiencing screen lift and dead pixels already

/ 6 years ago

It would appear that even after going through both the Google and ASUS design and quality testing processes, many Nexus 7 tablets are still developing quite significant faults early on in their lifespan. According to many users of the XDA developers website, their Nexus 7 tablets have experience screen lifting, dead pixels and even some light bleeding.

Given the Nexus 7 display is the most expensive component of the whole construction it is rather worrying that there are so many faults with it.

There are ways of fixing most of these problems. For example the screen lift is a minor cosmetic and construction issue, you can fix it by removing the Nexus 7 backplate and tightening the screws which hold the screen into place. Full instructions can be found hereAlthough, given how easy it is to fix, such a problem just comes off as rather shoddy workmanship on behalf of Google and ASUS.

However, issues with the display cannot be fixed (at least not easily). If you have any issues with your Nexus 7 tablet’s display then it makes sense to just take advantage of the waranty and send it back for professional fixing or replacement/ And if you’d rather not tackle the screen lift issue yourself then it also makes sense to send that back for fixing too.

Currently these reports of Nexus 7 build quality issues are relatively sparse, so most users should still find their Nexus 7 makes it to them in very good condition and should not deteriorate unless they have a bit of a “dud” off the production line.

The majority of defective Nexus 7 tablets seem to have come from the Google Play Store, but this probably just reflects that fact that this is where most Nexus 7 tablets have been bought from.


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