Nexus 7 Tablets Get Bricked After Updating to Android 5.0

/ 3 years ago


Some Nexus 7 owners haven’t had a chance to fully take advantage of what Google’s Android 5.0 brings. It is reported that some Nexus 7 users had their tablets bricked after updating the device to the latest Android OS.

The devices appear to be stuck at the Google logo, but nobody seems to know exactly why. One theory suggests that there could be a problem with the flash memory, or a problem with the software itself. However, given that the problem appeared only after updating to the latest Android OS, all indications point to a software issue.

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Normally Asus or Google would have reassured their customers they are looking into it through social media by now, but the reality is that the companies have not yet responded to any of the complaints that pile up on Twitter.

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4 Responses to “Nexus 7 Tablets Get Bricked After Updating to Android 5.0”
  1. Futilizer says:

    Well to be fair the Nexus 7 2012 is complete shit.

    • Truefart says:

      Lol what? I had that pad and it worked absolutely fine. Gave me many hours of enjoyment. 🙂 Ofc now it is old.

      • Futilizer says:

        Well, from the various TRIMM problems I was having with mine I had replaced a few times and it still ran like crap. It would eventually get to the point it would take minutes to load everything.

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