Nexus delayed by Google and Samsung

/ 6 years ago

Yesterday we reported the announcement of Google and Samsung’s upcoming smartphone, the Nexus Prime, whose definitive name still remains undecided, to be unveiled next week during the “Unlocked” event.

Today, we are reporting the news of a delay on the unveiling, as both companies will be looking into a new date for the event.

“We agree that it is just not the right time to announce a new product,” the companies said in a statement.

Although none of them actually stated a reason for the delay, and strangely enough, the Nexus is kind of the “Area 51”  of the companies, since none are admitting the existence of the product.

Obviously, this will be one of iPhone’s many competitors, as we’ve seen yesterday, the Nexus Prime promises some interesting specifications. But will the rumours be proved right or wrong?


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