Nexus PWM Series Real Silent Case Fans Unboxing Video

/ 7 years ago

The packaging for the Nexus PWM Series Real Silent case fans give lots of information on features including decibel rating, CFM output and the speed in RPM’s. You also get a clear view of the product itself and the branding telling us that they are the “World’s Quietest Fan”.

The sides of the packaging list the main specifications in quite a lot of detail..

The rear of the packaging explains a bit about Nexus as a company in many different languages and the clear packaging follows so that you have a clear view of the product from the rear of the packaging.

Opening the box up shows us that the fans come included with rubber mountings and some foam protection.

Check out shortly for the full review on this product.



4 Responses to “Nexus PWM Series Real Silent Case Fans Unboxing Video”
  1. buburuza72 says:

    i had something similar…noiseblocker 80…those were damn silent. so silent you could go deaf 🙂

  2. aruffell says:

    Haha, these are quiet, but are obviously only silent when turned right down, but then you suffer with the choice between having it run faster/cooler or quietness.Andy

  3. tilica says:

    Noctua coolers are the best if you ask me. Period.

  4. Rehan Chanaka says:

    I love all those series nice vid………….

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