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Nike Smart Sneakers Bricked Following Android Update

Smart Shoe Turns Dumb After Android Update

Fans were happy with the arrival of the second gen Nike smart shoe, the AdaptBB, a few weeks ago. However, they barely had time to enjoy this cutting edge footwear when a bad Android update rendered it unable to pair with the app.

Affected users complain that they are no longer able to tighten, and therefore use the smart shoe. Especially since its primary feature is its “self-lacing” ability which adapts to the user’s foot shape and size.

Some lucky users were able to pair it with the app once again after a hard reset. Although many are unfortunately left with the same problem. There is still a manual workaround for those users, requiring them to tighten it through the side buttons. Some users are reporting that their shoe’s motor itself stopped working following the update installation.

The main issue appears to be due to the fact that some AdaptBB sneakers ship with an older version of the software. Those that do not have the newer software prior to the Android update, led to the device locking up. This issue is also exclusively affecting Android users, with iOS users reporting no problems so far.

What Does Nike Say About the Issue?

According to a Nike spokesperson (via The Verge), they are currently “seeing isolated connectivity issues related to the setup of the Nike Adapt BB and are actively working to resolve it.”

Unfortunately, the company did not give any firm timeline on when this resolution might arrive. For now, they are simply encouraging users experiencing an issue to contact Nike Consumer Services.

Ron Perillo

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