Nikon’s new add-on to turn Film SLRs to Digital SLRs

/ 5 years ago

Nikon’s new patent which was filed in May 2011 for an add-on which converts 35mm film SLRs to DSLRs was just approved less than 2 weeks ago. It works by removing the backplate on the film SLR and mounting a Digital Sensor plate in its place.

The patent shows micro adjustment screws that lets the user adjust the sensor position for fine tuning of the plate. Although this seems pretty interesting, SLR Lounge says that with this you may have to give up a lot of control options in comparison to DSLRs such as autofocus, Intervalometer and many customization features that affordable DSLRs come with. On the bright side, if someone has a full frame film SLR, he could hook it up with this and give it a new life.

Of course, it goes without saying that it depends on the price and the adoption of such devices by photographers.

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