Nintendo Acquires Shiver Entertainment from Embracer Group

Nintendo has recently announced the acquisition of Shiver Entertainment, a studio renowned for porting popular games to the Nintendo Switch. Shiver Entertainment, previously owned by Embracer Group, has a track record of successfully porting major titles like Hogwarts Legacy and Mortal Kombat 1 to the Switch platform.

Acquisition Details

The announcement confirmed that Nintendo purchased Shiver Entertainment, a Miami-based studio, for an undisclosed amount. This move comes as part of Nintendo’s strategy to enhance its porting capabilities and expand its gaming portfolio.

Shiver Entertainment’s Background

Shiver Entertainment, established in 2012, has specialized in porting high-profile games to various platforms. Their work includes bringing complex, graphics-intensive games to the Switch, ensuring that these titles run smoothly and are accessible to Nintendo’s audience.

This acquisition reflects Nintendo’s intent to bolster its internal development resources, particularly for the Nintendo Switch. By integrating Shiver Entertainment’s expertise, Nintendo aims to ensure that more third-party games can be efficiently ported to their platform. This aligns with Nintendo’s broader goal of maintaining a robust and diverse game library for Switch users.

Shiver Entertainment’s team will continue to operate under Nintendo’s umbrella, focusing on porting and optimizing games. The acquisition is expected to bring more high-quality ports to the Nintendo Switch, enhancing the gaming experience for users.


While the exact plans for Shiver Entertainment under Nintendo’s ownership remain undisclosed, the acquisition signals a positive direction. It promises more seamless and timely ports of popular games to the Nintendo Switch, benefiting both developers and gamers.

Solomon Thompson

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