Nintendo Can’t Keep Up with Demand For Its Creators Program

/ 3 years ago


As we previously reported, Nintendo has just launched a ‘beta’ version of its ‘Creators Program’ – the company’s way of splitting revenue between YouTubers who upload videos of them playing Nintendo games. This program has been met with a great degree of hostility from many YouTube celebrities, most notably PewDiePie who said that it was a “slap in the face” to smaller YouTubers. Well apparently, Nintendo has received so many applications, they can’t keep up.

The Japanese company said that the program, which is due to launch fully on May 27th, has been extraordinarily popular, with them taking much longer than expected to process people’s applications. It’s also said that the delay has been due to the extreme number of people applying to monetise from videos that feature Nintendo games that are not on the company’s approved lists – slowing down the process even further.

That is one of the things about the new program that has drawn the most criticism – users of the scheme can only share profits from videos that Nintendo approves and nothing else. Besides, many are outraged at the whole thing, claiming that it will be Nintendo’s loss of free publicity in the long run.

Source: Polygon

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