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Nintendo Doubles Estimate For Account Security Breaches

You may recall that just over a month ago, Nintendo confirmed that around 160,000 user accounts had seen their security breached. While the exact source of the hack wasn’t confirmed, the only thing we were told at the time was that it hadn’t come directly from Nintendo but rather (more likely) through one of their third-party partners who had shared access to the information.

Well, in a report via Eurogamer, it seems that those initial figures may not have been entirely accurate as, in a new statement from the company, Nintendo has now stated that the correct number may be closer to 300,000.

Nintendo Ups User Security Breach Figures!

Primarily thought to have affected users in Japan, Nintendo has now confirmed that as many as 300,000 users’ details were leaked in the data breach. Quite a significant step up from the original figure.

While Nintendo has reportedly already made contact with anyone potentially affected by this, they do generally advise that all users should activate their two-tier security authentication and should also look towards possibly just giving their password details an update.

What Happens Now?

Nintendo has still yet to confirm who was the exact source of the data breach, but they do still maintain that despite users’ accounts being breached, credit card details were not taken. Albeit, it does seem that users whose accounts were linked to PayPal did see some transactions although Nintendo has already issued refunds to those people as and where necessary.

As above though, if you do take your Mario-related actions online, it might well be worth performing a little security housekeeping. It is, after all, better to be safe than sorry!

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