The Nintendo Guitar Boy Mod is Sublime

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Guitar Boy

Over the years, I’ve seen my fair share of outrageous custom guitars but the ‘Guitar Boy’ is a rockin’ retro-gaming masterpiece. This design was made by [Fibbef], an administrator on the BitFixGaming forum which was built as an exhibition piece for the 2015 Game Boy Classic build off. The project took around 3 months to complete and features a fully-functional Raspberry Pi B+ running RetroPie v2.3. Furthermore, there is a 5-inch display, hand-made wooden buttons and a plexiglass cover.

You can check out the entire build log here which provides a in-depth walkthrough through the build process. Surprisingly, the finished product can be used as a Game Boy with a host of integrated ROMs or a traditional electric guitar. Funnily enough, the A and B buttons perform the standard game controls but also required to alter the volume/tone on the guitar’s pickups. Another highlight is you can play the game’s music through the guitar with a more electric-sounding theme.

If I had one area of complaint, it’s that the neck is quite bland and looks rather cheap. Ideally, this could have featured a decal or perhaps a Pokemon colour scheme. Nevertheless, the final result is technically impressive and a really intriguing creation. The video below illustrates the guitar’s functionality and the creator discusses it in more detail.

What is your favourite Game Boy game?

Thank you Hackaday for providing us with this information.

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