Nintendo Puts SNES Classic Game Manuals Online

/ 6 months ago

Nintendo Puts SNES Classic Game Manuals Online

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System  (SNES) Classic mini is finally here. Classic gaming fans have been waiting for a with baited breath and will most likely be spending this weekend at home playing. Just in time for release, Nintendo is also re-publishing all the classic game manuals for the SNES classic titles online.

Nintendo SNES Classic Manuals

Nintendo Puts SNES Classic Game Manuals Online

These are (almost) all in downloadable PDF format and an official scan of the instruction booklets. What is great about this move is that fans can re-print the manuals themselves to complete the retro experience. These are exactly as the original manuals appear in print. In fact, references may be made to features which are not usable in the new version. Some even contains out-of-date contact and copyright information.

The only exception is StarFox 2 which actually is its own mini-website online available on Nintendo of Japan’s homepage. It features the original artwork from the manual but is in an interactive HTML format.

Nintendo Puts SNES Classic Game Manuals Online

The largest manual available is EarthBound’s official Player’s Guide. While most of the PDF manuals online are around 5MB to 10MB, EarthBound’s manual clocks in at 50.29MB and is 135 pages long. Final Fantasy III is a distant second with 25.96MB manual. Understandably, most of the RPG games are also more than 10MB+ in size.

To download or read any of them, visit:

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