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Nintendo Sued After Boy Spends $170 on Mario Kart Lootboxes Citing The Game as”Immoral”

Again the problem of loot boxes is in the news after a boy spent $170 on Mario Kart Tour loot boxes using his fathers’ credit card and is now filing a lawsuit against Nintendo.

Nintendo Sued Over Mario Kart Lootboxes

As reported by Axios, an unidentified minor has filed class action lawsuit against Nintendo over its “immoral” microtransactions in the Mario Kart Tour mobile game. The child was reported to have spent around $170 on his father’s credit card and the suit claims that the game’s “spotlight pipes” lootbox system encouraged “addictive behaviours akin to gambling”. The suit also alleges that the game was intentionally made difficult in a way that would force you to spend money to proceed and calls for refunds to all minors in the US who have spent money on the spotlight pipes. One thing worth noting in this case is that the spotlight pipes were discontinued back in September and instead users can now purchase specific items in the in-game shop rather than a randomized loot box.

Lootbox Scum

This once again is a prime example of the disgusting and predatory nature of mobile games and lootbox systems, especially with children. I for one hope that this lawsuit gains traction and really sends a message to the games industry that these lootbox mechanics must stay away. Unfortunately, I don’t believe they will have much luck, especially against Nintendo and I think this lawsuit will end up costing them way more than it will gain.

What do you think will happen with this lawsuit? Let us know in the comments.

Jakob Aylesbury

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