Nintendo Switch 2 Privately Demoed With The Matrix Demo With DLSS Technology

The Nintendo Switch is due a new model 6 years after its release and today some new news has come forward surrounding the Switch 2 which was allegedly showcased in a private demo at Gamescom using the Matrix Unreal Engine 5 demo as well as DLSS technology.

Nintendo Switch 2 Private Demo

As reported by Eurogamer, sources have claimed that Nintendo showed off the Nintendo Switch 2 behind closed doors at Gamescom last month. The claim is that Nintendo showed off the beefed-up specs of this console by using an upgraded version of Zelda: Breath of The Wild to hit the heavier performance specs that the Switch 2 will offer. There is no indication that this means BOTW will get a remaster but its definitely not off the table. With tech demos already being shown, it’s likely that developers already have their hands on development kits or will be soon and the full launch could be happening next year.

Matrix Demo and DLSS

Moving on to the beefier part of this information, The Matrix Awakens Unreal Engine 5 Tech demo and DLSS. As reported by, there are also some claims that Nintendo was demoing this handheld power using EPIC’s Unreal Engine 5 Matrix Awakens tech demo which was used to showcase the powers of UE5 on Xbox and PlayStation. What is more interesting about this is that this demo uses Ray-Tracing and even DLSS technology to offer a smoother performance. This brings in the question of what chip is being used here as the original Switch utilised NVIDIA’s Tegra X1 and X1+ SoCs so it is likely that there will be something new based upon the latest hardware either RTX 30 series or 40 series.

I didn’t expect Nintendo to be hopping on with Ray-Tracing so soon but if they can make it happen with reasonable performance, it will be a nice addition. Maybe for the next Pokemon game, Game Freak will actually put some effort into the graphics, because even for the Switch they’re pretty poor.

Jakob Aylesbury

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