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Nintendo Switch Has ‘Sold Out’ with New Stock ‘Delayed’

It’s been a little over 3 years now since the Nintendo Switch arrived and, based on sales figures, the console has done very well with consumers. If you were, however, considering getting one for yourself to alleviate the self-isolation boredom, then the news isn’t good!

In a report via GamesIndustry, Nintendo has confirmed that its current stock levels for the console have run out. Worse, it doesn’t seem that any fresh supplies will be arriving any time soon!

Nintendo Switch Sells Out!

Coinciding with the launch of the new recent Animal Crossing game, the news isn’t particularly good. Especially since many people were looking to buy the console just to play this specific title. Regarding the game though, it should be noted that Switch sales increased by 150% in March. It is, therefore, hardly a coincidence.

With stock levels at their supply depots completely drained dry, however, the chances are that for the next few months, getting one of the consoles is going to be much more difficult! If not impossible!

How Has This Happened?

While the release of Animal Crossing hasn’t helped overall supply levels, undoubtedly the biggest factor in stock levels has been the recent Coronavirus outbreak. It is, for example, well known that many major manufacturing plants in China had to shut down for at least a 2-week period. As such, technology shortages are affecting all major companies. It has even led to some speculation that Sony and/or Microsoft may have to delay the release of their next-gen systems.

So, if you really desperately need a Nintendo Switch in your life, you better get one quickly! With Nintendo officially declaring the arrival of new stock as ‘delayed’ there’s no telling how long it could be before you see one available to buy outside the realms of online scalpers.

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