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Nintendo Switch Leak Source Pleads Guilty to Hacking

Prior to the launch of a big product, it’s not unusual to see details surrounding it leak on the internet. When it came to the Nintendo Switch, however, to say that there were a ‘few’ leaks would be something of a huge understatement.

In a report via The Verge, however, one of the biggest sources of these leaks has just pled guilty in court to hacking Nintendo to get the information.

Nintendo Switch Leak Source Pleads Guilty

In the report, it states that Ryan Hernandez (and an unnamed associate) phished a Nintendo employee back in 2016 to specifically gain access to sensitive information on the (then) upcoming console. Despite receiving a hacking warning from the FBI in 2017, it is said that he continued to infiltrate Nintendo (and various other companies) between June 2018 to June 2019.

Using the information he obtained, he would then release it publicly on the internet. In addition to that, he would then boast about it on his social media channels. All in all, not the smartest decision.

When the FBI raided his home, it is said that they found literally thousands of confidential files from Nintendo. It does, however, get a little more disturbing…

What Will His Sentence Be?

Well, for the hacking, he potentially faces 5-years in jail. On a darker note, however, they also found child pornography on his computer. As such, he can potentially expect to see another 20 years added to that sentence.

With him already agreeing (in his guilty plea) to pay $259,323 in damages to Nintendo, all we can say is that Ryan Hernandez faces a very bleak future.

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Mike Sanders

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