Nintendo Unleash More Powerful 3DS for Japan

/ 3 years ago


Nintendo are really throwing some strange moves this generation, first they launch the 3DS which was fairly successful in its own right, but to boost sales they cut it down to the 2DS, a cheaper and more accessible model which distanced its self from the 3D features completely due to a lack of consumer interest in the extra functionality and now they’re back again with a heavily re-tooled 3DS.


The new model will launch in Japan on October 11th and will offer a slightly improved CPU, a second analog nub dubbed the “c-stick” that removes the need for the bulky stick add-on, two new shoulder buttons called ZL and ZR, improved 3D viewing angles and a bigger 3.88 inch screen (vs the old 3.53 inches) and improved battery life. There are loads of little tweaks too, like a revised memory card slot, customization faceplates, recoloured face buttons and more.

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The “new” 3DS will set you back around 16,000 YEN for the regular model or 18,800 for the XL model (roughly $154 / $181 respectively).

Thank you ArsTechnica for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of ArsTechnica.

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