Nintendo’s Miyamoto Says Competitors are “Boring”

/ 3 years ago

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Shigeru Miyamoto, the legendary creator of some of the world’s most beloved video game series – Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda, has come out against the growing ‘Hollywood-isation’ of the gaming industry.

In a new interview with the Telegraph, the so-called “Walt Disney of games” has declared that games should be games and shouldn’t follow the model of making the games more like movies. He says “What the other companies are doing makes business sense. But it’s boring.”.

It’s certainly true that the gaming industry is becoming more like Hollywood. We see big franchises like Call of Duty, pouring out a canon of games every year or so, utilizing big budgets to pull in big profits. But Miyamoto, a man who would rather spend 5 or 6 years crafting a game like Super Mario Galaxy, thinks this is not the way to go. He’d much rather create an amazing experience that the player controls, instead making he or she the “director”. This is a proven method – games like Super Mario Bros, Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time are regarded by many as some of the greatest games of all time.

“These younger game creators, they want to be recognized. They want to tell stories that will touch people’s hearts. And while I understand that desire, the trend worries me. It should be the experience, that is touching. What I strive for is to make the person playing the game the director. All I do is help them feel that, by playing, they’re creating something that only they could create.”

So it begs the question, are games losing the elements that make them ‘games’ or are they just maturing thanks to bigger budgets and a bigger audience?

Source: The Telegraph

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4 Responses to “Nintendo’s Miyamoto Says Competitors are “Boring””
  1. Evan Warnock says:

    i totally agree. It’s no different than how Christmas has become commercialized. I am sad for these OG developers getting old, we will never have the level of games again that they produced 🙁

    • Wvlfy says:

      EA, Activision, and Ubisoft are notorious for copy-paste formulas hidden behind overhyped advertising for a game that performs so poorly because AAA publishers/developers think that “patching will make it better”.

      Our OG devs can only live for so long but we have fresh faces that respect gaming. We have CD Projekt Red, creators of The Witcher series, then the many indie games being produced that don’t need to be hyper-realistic. Hyper Light Drifter, Bastion, Mighty No. 9. Many good games have been backed by Kickstarter where we, the gamers, are in control with our wallets (Well, the wise ones, at least).

      The level of games being produced hasn’t changed. You just need to know where to look.

  2. Andres Reyes says:

    Lol I enjoy 100000000 times more Mass Effect than any other repetitive Mario Bros, this is an old guy who’s mind is only on jumping and trowing things with lame storylines, let’s face it, any of you buy Nintendo consoles to play mario bros, I can play it drunk with couple of friends for a while then gets really boring

  3. Paulo says:

    Completely agree with him. Games are too real these days, they care too much about things they completely should not care, like suspension of disbelief, or the story mixing well with the gameplay. I think the story and the gameplay of a game being two complete separate entities is the only way both can be good; otherwise one will destroy the other.
    Also, games these days, and by games I only mean non-nintendo ones, they all seem to be button mashers that only care about action and not brain. It seems to be lost in gamers the desire to use the brain to solve the game world, like you have to do in Mario, Zelda, Tomb Raider, old Resident Evil.
    Also, in the topic of ‘too real’, games are more and more applying randomness, so it looks like in real life. Whereas old games used predermined routes for enemies, for example, they were predictable, so that you knew what you were up against, the challenge was clear. They were, above all, games. I sincerely fear it is being lost.

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