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Nintendo Reports Huge Profit Surge of Over 400%

It’s not exactly surprising that April to June 2020 has proven to be a very profitable period for the gaming industry. With us all being advised to stay at home as much as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic, we did, after all, have to find something to occupy the time.

Well, in a report via Kotaku, it seems that one of the biggest winners of this timeframe has been Nintendo as, in their latest financial reports, the company has reported a huge profit boost of over 400%!

Nintendo Reports Huge Profit Spike

With hardware and software sales seeing around a 108% boost (based on year on year figures) the biggest winner has undoubtedly been gaming with huge profits seen, particularly from their own licensed franchises.

The most notable stand-out success for the April-June period has been Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Arguably the most major gaming release after the pandemic initially landed and, with people (quite rightly) spending more time at home, this has already resulted in over 10.5m units of the game being sold!

Things Are Looking Good… For Now!

While Nintendo has been riding high on the success of the Nintendo Switch since it’s launch in March 2017, while a good third quarter for 2020 is also anticipated (albeit, probably nowhere near as good as this Q2), things are almost certainly going to take a pretty hefty dip around Q4. Largely because with the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, gamers are definitely going to have their attention drawn in other directions.

For now though, we can at least all celebrate that Nintendo is having a hugely successful period at the moment!

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