Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review

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Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 1

Nitro Concepts S300 EX

The chances are that if you take your PC seriously, you’ll likely own some form of gaming chair. This is especially so if you spend a lot of time sat in front of your TV or monitor as we here at eTeknix do bringing you the latest news, reviews and videos.

So, given that you spend so much time in that position, it’s important to have a chair that is not only comfortable, but one that offers a high-level of style and sophistication. Enter the Nitro Concepts S300 EX gaming chair.

Offering supreme comfort and incredible design features, if are you looking for a new gaming chair (or perhaps an upgrade) it’s well worth checking out!

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 2


  • High-quality PU Leather cover with an intense colour scheme
  • A comfortable & breathable cold foam upholstery
  • Superior durability due to augmented material strength
  • Individually adjustable ergonomics
  • Adjustable 3D armrests
  • Customisable backrest and rocking mechanism
  • Quiet 50 mm castors for a variety of floor types
  • Two comfortable cushions bundled in
  • Designed for users up to 135kg
Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 3

Product Description

The Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair is setting itself apart with its new unique combination of vibrant colour designs. Combined with premium materials, gamers won’t just be able to make exercise their imaginations, they can also expect a wide range of adjustability options as well as optimum ergonomics. The Radiant White variant is coated in a durable cover which is soft, high-end and extremely breathable. In combination with the porous cold foam upholstery the S300 EX gaming chair offers a pleasant seated experience on warmer days. For every other day the deformation resistant cold foam provides a high degree of comfort even over long periods of time. . – Nitro Concepts S300 EX.

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 4


A Closer Look

As you can imagine, being a gaming chair there is rather of lot of individual parts that go to make the whole. Fortunately there everything you need to get this assembled can be found right out of the box. Let’s, therefore, take a closer look at the individual components!


As this is a gaming chair, there are clearly more than a few parts you need to put this together. Thankfully, the vast majority of the small parts (and your tools) are all kept within a cardboard box.

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 5

Laying all the key components out, you will, however, be surprised to find that in terms of overall assembly, this isn’t quite as intimidating as you may have feared.

Don’t get us wrong, this is a big chair. As such, having a partner or, at the very least, a decent amount of workspace will be helpful. I did, however, manage to do this all by myself without too many problems!

As for assembling it, you only need one tool and you are fortunately provided with it. Take note later in the review, however, as it may cause you more problems than was really necessary.

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 6

The instruction manual you are provided with is nice, bright and clear which makes the assemble a lot less daunting. You are provided with only 6 basic steps which should give you an idea on this being not too tricky a task!

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 7

The rear of the A4 instruction sheet also provides you with the key operational functions of the chair. While these are mostly intuitive, it’s nice to see them there.

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 8

Wheels And Base

The wheels to the chair are fairly basic plastic castanets. Provided with 5 of them, while they are largely nice quality, beyond that there is very little to comment about them.

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 9

The base itself is 5 spoke (as you might have guessed) with a white trim that matches the overall design of the chair. It is a little disappointing that the base is entirely plastic and a metal design is, usually, a bit more reassuring. It does, however, feel durable and in terms of aesthetics it’s a good start!

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 10

The wheels attach to the base by simply pushing in. Surprisingly little resistance is required, but once in place, they feel more than secure.

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 11

Finally, you will insert your height adjustable piston to the base itself. This generally falls into place and generally only ‘locks’ in when you first sit on the chair. The plastic covering provided also ensures that you can’t potentially catch your fingers in it while operating.

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 12


You are provided with two cushions for the chair. Both of which can be attached to provide lower back and upper neck support. The cushion to the top is nice and firm and fits via straps to the (near) full length of the chair.

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 13

The other cushion has a more ‘memory foam’ feel about it which was unexpected, but certainly not a concern.

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 14


The base comprises of your seat with the armrests and rear backrest attachments already in place. It does, of course, carry all the colour and styling that will form a key emphasis on the completed design.

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 15

The right side of the seat has the main adjuster for the tilt function. That has a pretty stern warning notice on it not to engage this until the backrest is fitted. This is excellent advice and not to be ignored. If you attempt to pop the handle while the back rest is not attached, that metal arm is coming at you with alarmingly rapid pace.

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 16

While the seat itself is cushioned (and cushioned nicely) there are also 5 elasticated straps to the underside which provide excellent comfort and support.

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 17

The seat fits to the wheel base via 4 screws to each corner. While this is relatively easy to attach (albeit rather cumbersome work) it does highlight the first issue with the tool provided. Namely that if you were to attempt spin this naturally, you would catch the plastic covering to the ‘soft-tilt’ adjust.

This could easily allow you to both scratch and/or damage it which means that some care is required.

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 18

In terms of stitching and quality, while the stitches in the fabric are clearly visible, there were no aspects of major concern. Even the underside of the chair (usually a rather messy area) is excellent presented meaning that in terms of production, a strong level of ‘finishing touch’ has been made here.

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 19

Once everything is attached, the height operation (as well as the ‘soft-tilt’ lock) level becomes more apparent. As can be seen below, the labelling on it is both nice and clear.

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 20

Arm Rests

The armrests to the Nitro Concepts S300 EX allows for 3 general configurations. Height, angle and length. These can all be adjusted by the simple control tag or, in the case of angle, by a little brute force.

It is a little disappointing that the arm rests are (basically) lightly cushioned plastic, but, on the whole, the range of movement does allow for good comfort adjustment.

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 21


In terms of most of the design aesthetics, they are mostly to be found on the backrest and they are certainly impressive!

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 22

The main eye-catching part of the design is the white flame. While this is only an outline, it simply looks fantastic. Particularly with the white on black design.

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 23

The Nitro Concepts logo is also nicely embroidered to the top in which the quality again is faultless. No loose threads, no messy corners, it looks crisp and solid!

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 2

The rear of the chair also carries this design over with the ‘flame’ logo again being embroidered to a very high quality.

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 25

Putting the Pieces Together!

Mounting the backrest to the ‘base’ of your chair is easily done via 4 screws which are already in place to each side. All you need to do is remove them, line up each side and re-attach them.

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 26

In another issue with the tool provided, the phillips screwdriver on the opposite end (while needed shortly) is rather concerningly just a the right length to potentially stick into your fleather covering.

At this point, I would honestly recommend using another tool if you have one or, at the very least, taking this slowly and with care.

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 27

One this is done, simply attach your two plastic covers (provided with the accessories as well as the 2 screws necessary) and you have, by all intents and purposes, your chair assembled.

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 28

We should highlight again that the stitching quality to the backrest is very good again.

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 29

As you can see in the images, it is clean, uniform and without any rough edges or areas of concern.

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 30

In terms of assembling the Nitro Concepts S300 EX, you’re looking at about an hours worth of work. Possibly less if you’re rather experienced at putting these type of gaming chairs together.

So, now it’s assembled, what’s it like? Well, there’s only one way to find out!

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 31


The Finished Product

So, with the chair assembled, the only way to really test it out is to get in it and have a play. Initially, however, before you get in it, you have to admire the overall aesthetics of the chair. They are exceptionally strong. Although available in a selection of colours, I am a huge fan of the white on black design.

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 32

The design is really eye catching and, in terms of presentation, certainly gets your attention. at the same time, however, it’s not gaudy or overstated and wouldn’t look out of place in most situations including, dare I say, offices.

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 33

To Cushion Or Not To Cushion

To be honest, I found the Nitro Concepts S300 EX comfortable with or without the cushions. Admittedly, they do add a bit more in terms of presentation and probably do good things for your posture. It is nice, however, that you can either them or not. You’re not oblidged, but they’re there if you want them.

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 34

It’s Time To Recline!

With a 135 degree tilt angle, the Nitro Concepts S300 EX may not go as far back as other models, but in truth, I’ve personally never liked anything beyond this. Well, more accurately, I’ve never really felt entirely ‘safe’ being that far back.

This angle is helped by the ‘soft-tilt’ feature which is nice and responsible thanks to the control handle on the underside of the chair.

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 35

What Do We Think?

On the whole, the design is excellent and it’s certainly comfortable to sit in. In terms of a gaming chair, it certainly ticks all of the right boxes. A key feature for me, however, is that while it’s certainly comfy to park your bottom in for extended periods, it’s also nice to simply admire from across the room.

It’s glorious eye-candy, and what gaming enthusiast couldn’t appreciate that?…

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 36


How Much Does it Cost?

The Nitro Concepts S300 EX gaming chair (in ‘radiant white’) retails for £239.99. In respective gaming chair terms, this represents what you could call the ‘upper-mid’ tier of pricing and whether you think the chair is worth that depends on what you want exactly. Based on the clear quality and aesthetic goodness of this chair it’s clearly worth the money. Although it sounds ridiculous to call it an incidental, the chair is also supremely comfortable.


A major factor in any gaming chair should be that it is comfortable. If you do, after all, spend many hours a day in front of a desk, if you’re not sitting well, you’re going to get achy very quickly.

In this regard, the Nitro Concepts S300 EX is certainly a nice place to park yourself. Admittedly, there are areas that could’ve been improved upon, such as better padding to the arm rests. Invariably, however, such ‘perks’ can easily add £100 to the price tag and, at the end of the day, a product isn’t much good if it isn’t affordable.

The soft-tilt function is nice and responsive and can be adjusted to suit your personal preferences. In addition, if you do feel like kicking back, the tilt feature is excellently controlled by a reassuring firm handle and, while back there, you never feel insecure or at the risk of wobbling over.

The cushions provided add additional level of comfort and also can be easily adjusted to suit your needs.


The chair itself does come with a number of control features. This includes height, angle, soft-tilt control and of course the extension/angle/height options offered in the arm rests.

In other words, the Nitro Concepts S300 EX has all the key features you could want to ensure that you get this exactly how you want it. Not only that, but in terms of gaming chair sizes, it’s not even ridiculously big. Sure, it’s substantial, but I don’t think it would dominate any room either.

Work or Play

What this really boils down to is the aesthetics and what environment this chair is best suited for. While, as above, it is available in a variety of colours, the ‘radiant white’ really seems to suit all situations.

It has more than enough eye-candy to attract the ‘gaming’ aspect this is clearly marketed towards. On the other hand, however, it is stylish and slick enough to not look out of place in any modern office setting.

Final Thoughts

I really like this gaming chair for a number of reasons. It’s easy to assemble, great to use and looks pretty fantastic! I cannot stress enough how I’m really sold on the aesthetics of the design which should, in no way, undermine the fact that it is also a highly comfortable chair.

Admittedly, for the price, I’m not sure if this is perhaps a little too expensive as things stand. For the patient consumer, however, holding out for a sale could land you a fantastic bargain here.

That being said, I still love it and would happily use this myself on a daily basis. I can’t think of a better endorsement than that!


  • Excellent design and aesthetics
  • Suitable for practically any environment
  • High levels of customisable comfort
  • Solid design that speaks of a quality product.


  • None


  • For it’s current retail price, you might be better served waiting for a sale. It’s not that it isn’t worth it, you just can’t really call it a bargain either.
Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 37
Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review

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