No Man’s Sky New Update Brings Planetside Transport

/ 12 months ago

No Man's Sky

Many believe that No Man’s Sky was a complete disappointment, and while the game has received mixed reviews after its release, there are quite a few people who are enjoying its procedurally-generated universe and exploration-based gameplay. Developer Hello Games has been trying to fix the game’s issues as much as possible, and the latest effort comes in the form of the Path Finder Update, which comprises a very important and promising addition: new vehicles that can be used to drive around your home planet. Apparently, there will be three types of vehicles that players will be able to build, one of which is a buggy-like rover, the other is a hovercraft of some sort, while the other is a mining vehicle.

The gameplay in No Man’s Sky is definitely not bad, but the main issue with the title is that there aren’t enough things to do in that huge universe. With updates such as Path Finder, Hello Games is trying to expand the game’s gameplay options, and if they carry on with these patches, No Man’s Sky could actually become a more complete and compelling game in the future. Have a look at the video below for a glimpse of the Path Finder update!

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