No Man’s Sky’s PC and PS4 Versions Will Come out at the Same Time

/ 3 years ago


Developed and published by Hello Games, No Man’s Sky is a highly anticipated adventure game that will allow players to explore a vast procedurally generated open universe. Even though it was initially announced for the PlayStation 4, the game will definitely receive a PC version as well, and both variants are scheduled to come out at the same time. During Hello Game’s E3 segment, Sean Murray talked about the game’s PC release and about the development team’s hopes and plans for this particular title.

Speaking of which, the dev team over at Hello Games comprises just 10 people, which is quite incredible if you think about it. They managed to create a vast and diverse universe using procedural generation, which means that all they needed to worry about is creating assets instead of building each and every environment or terrain from scratch. In order to find and fix any anomalies that might arise during the procedural generation process, the team uses a series of AI bots that are sent to explore various locations in the universe and report back with any problems.

The exact release date for No Man’s Sky has not been announced just yet, but we do have this E3 2015 trailer to feast our eyes on in the meanwhile, which is nice.

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