No more Microsoft Points, real money will be used

/ 6 years ago

Rumors have surfaced that the infamous Xbox Live form of currency, Microsoft Points, will be phased out soon over the coming months. According to Inside Mobile App reports the change will be carried through to Windows Phone, Zune marketplace and Xbox Live.

Transactions will instead be based on the region of the purchasing account, with real money used to buy content. The change will bring Microsoft’s various marketplaces in line with competitors such as Apple’s App Store and Sony’s PlayStation Network, both of which use real currency.

When asked for comment however, Microsoft responded with their well known:

“We do not comment on rumours or speculation.”

Source: CVG


One Response to “No more Microsoft Points, real money will be used”
  1. Anonymous says:

    well looks like i wont be using DLC on xbox.ill never give a console my cc or debit card info.see sony getting hacked for my reason i wont

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