No Need For G-Sync Now That Display Port Has Adaptive-Sync

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Have you been annoyed at the lack of widespread support for Nvidia G-Sync? It’s one of the coolest technology innovations to happen to PC gaming in years, and it’s reach was limited due to it being sold exclusively via high-end Asus monitors. Well fear no more as you anger will soon be gone. VESA has revealed that they’re adding Adaptive-Sync to its popular DisplayPort 1.2a video interface standard. This means that those who use this connection will be able to enjoy smoother, tear-free images for gaming, judder free video playback and reduced power consumption thanks to low frame rate capabilities on static content, hurray!

With your monitor refreshing at a fixed frame rate, you need to use V-Sync and more GPU power to try to lock the frame rate at the same refresh rate as the monitor, let’s say 60FPS. When your GPU chugs and your frame rate drops, you see screen tear, or you end up working your GPU harder to meet the frame rate demands when it simply doesn’t need to. Having Adaptive-Sync will allow your monitor and GPU to work in harmony, allowing the display to dynamically match the GPU rendering rate on a frame-by-frame basis. This means your GPU can drop in FPS, but you won’t get screen tear and you won’t need V-Sync enabled.

“VESA is constantly evaluating new methods and technologies that add value to both the end-user and our OEM member companies. Adaptive-Sync delivers clearly visible advantages to the user for gaming and live video, and contributes to the development of sleeker mobile system designs by reducing battery power requirements,” said Bill Lempesis, VESA Executive Director. “VESA has developed a test specification to certify Adaptive-Sync compliance. Systems that pass Adaptive-Sync compliance testing will be allowed to feature the official Adaptive-Sync logo on their packaging, informing consumers which DisplayPort-certified displays and video sources offer Adaptive-Sync.”

The new DispalyPort Adaptive-Sync will be offered to VESA members without any license fee, expect to see products supporting the new feature hitting the market in the near future.

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