No Red Dead Redemption for PC

/ 6 years ago

Rockstar Games recieved a substantial number of requests from fans asking for the Red Dead Redemption game to be brought onto the PC platform but unfortunately the company has announced that this will not be happening.  At one stage it did seem a possibility, especially with all the hype around the game after the console release but Rockstar Games never got around to the console-PC conversion and now it seems to think that it is not viable after a recent question and answer session on the Rockstar Games blog.

Rockstar Games explained its decision citing a whole range of possible factors to not putting games onto the PC platform from consoles:

  • Technical Viability;
  • Developmentally Viability;
  • Business Sensibility.
And it would seem the game probably falls down on the third point now after all the hype has died down and the game is relatively old. It is however a possibility that a sequel may be developed for PC although since the tradition is that the game is a console game this doesn’t seem all that likely. Rockstar Games is committed to PC gaming still as it has the upcoming Max Payne 3 title coming out on PC not to mention the already released LA Noire and Grand Theft Auto series.

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