Noctua Announces New CPU Coolers For New Threadripper and Epyc Processors

Noctua has today announced new CPU coolers for AMD’s newest Threadripper 7000 series HEDT, Threadripper pro workstation processors and 8004 series Epyc server CPUs. The new coolers include the NH-U14S TR5-SP6 and NH-D9 TR5-SP6 4U and are both capable of keeping these high-end processors cool with minimal noise.

New Noctua Threadripper Coolers

Designed for the TRX50, WRX90 and SP6 sockets, these new coolers are ready to handle the workloads of the newest Threadripper 7000 series chips as well as 8004 Series Epyc processors all with the quiet operation of Noctua fans. The first of the two new coolers is the NH-U14S TR5-SP6 which features 6 heatpipes, a fin surface area of more than 6000cm2 and two highly optimised NF-A15 140mm fans all providing superior cooling efficiency. Alternatively, the smaller NH-D9 TR5-SP6 4U is designed for smaller 4U server rack systems providing high cooling efficiency in a smaller form factor. Both of these coolers are equipped with NT-H2 thermal paste pre-applied.

For those who already own Noctua’s DX-4677, DX-4189, DX-3647 and TR4-SP3 series coolers, there is the new NM-TR5-SP6 mounting kit allowing you to upgrade these coolers to be compatible with TR5 and SP6.

What Noctua Had To Say

“The amount of computing performance that AMD’s new TRX50 and WRX90 platforms with their Zen 4 based Threadripper and Threadripper Pro processors provide is downright stunning”, says Roland Mossig (Noctua CEO). “At heatloads of 350W and more, you’ll certainly want a premium grade cooling solution to go with them though. This is where our new TR5-SP6 models step in!”

Price and Availability

The manufacturer’s suggested retail prices are as follows:

NH-U14S TR5-SP6: EUR 129.90 / USD 129.90
NH-D9 TR5-SP6 4U: EUR 119.90 / USD 119.90
NM-TR5-SP6: EUR 19.90 / USD 19.90

Jakob Aylesbury

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