Noctua NH-D15 D-Type Premium CPU Cooler Review

/ 4 years ago

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A Closer Look

Out of the box the cooler comes with one of the fans pre-installed, although this will have to be removed to aid with installation.


The CPU cooler is designed to hold up to three 140mm fans, although only two are included you can obviously buy an extra one from most major computer retailers.


The fins are really nicely designed, with groves cut in the back to help better channel the airflow.


The 6 heat pipes pass right through the fin stack and you can see they’ve poking through at the top of the cooler.


Here you can see one of the fan connector cables on the underside of the cooler.

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the contact plate is screwed in place over the heat pipes and features a large flat surface area with a mirror shine polish.


The underside of the cooler features a pair of cutaways, this will help improve ram compatibility and reduce conflicts with motherboard components, especially welcome if you also have large VRM coolers.


the fan can be mounted on either fin stack in the middle of the cooler, allowing you to direct the airflow in which ever manner best suits your build. There are a few millimetres clearance from the other fin stack.


Here you can see the subtle Noctua logos on the top of each fin stack.


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