“Nokia By Microsoft” Android Smartphones Coming Soon

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Despite Microsoft buying out Nokia’s handset division with the specific intention of making it “their own” it seems Microsoft now wants to continue with the Nokia and Lumia brandings. Earlier rumours even suggested Microsoft would axe its Surface brand and replace it with the Lumia brand. Instead of axing it Microsoft will integrate their brand with Nokia by branding handsets “Nokia by Microsoft”. Microsoft’s first use of the “Nokia by Microsoft” branding will be Android powered handsets. EVLeaks  reports that an Android powered “Nokia by Microsoft” Lumia device is “incoming” be there’s no exact date as to when. For those of you who don’t know Nokia has already released Android powered smartphones under the Nokia branding, pictured above. The Nokia X smartphone series does not make use of the Lumia branding at all so integrating Lumia and the new “Nokia by Microsoft” branding with Android OS could be a game-changing move for Microsoft.

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Source: EVLeaks

Image courtesy of Nokia

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