Nokia Lumia 2020 Rumored To Be Released By The End of March 2014

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Nokia Lumia 2520 has just been launched and there are already reports of a new Lumia tablet in the works. There were rumors of an 8-inch tablet that is expected to be released next year, having only the codename Illusionist to go by. Also, the screen indicated it could also be Lumia 2520’s little brother.

It turns out that the Nokia Illusionist may in fact be the upcoming Lumia 2020. There are also rumors about the next Lumia tablet stating it will be a high-end tablet, and not a cheaper option. Furthermore, Nokia also is eager to get involved in the tablet marketplace, having an unofficial release date for the Lumia 2020 set for Q1 next year, meaning we should see the new tablet in stores by April 2014.

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There is not much information to go by, such as specs, pricing and official market availability. Given the vague release date information, Nokia will probably reveal it in the upcoming couple of months, possibly at CES in January.

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