Nokia Lumia 800 Survives A 3 Month Long Bath In Swedish Lake

/ 4 years ago

Nokia Lumia

We’ve all heard the joke online at some point that getting hit by the indestructible Nokia 3310’s will do some serious damage, but in the recent technological surge of smartphones that myth was busted by the flimsiness of the screens, cases and basically everything else in regards to your £500 phone.

Nokia recently had an unexpected PR heaven moment when a Nokia Lumia 800, submerged under water for more than 3 months was found and in full working condition!

Roger Nilsson, a citizen of Sweden, found the phone between two rocks covered in mud, slime and a whole host of other nasty things that probably shouldn’t be soaking into the electrical circuits of your phone. Hilariously, the Nokia Lumia 800 doesn’t have a rating or special mention of any water resistance and is typically susceptible to water as any other smartphone is. Most smartphones are typically able to stay alive full submerged under water (without too much pressure) for around 30 minutes, meaning that this weird turn of events has put those claims to shame.

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After posting a picture of the phone on Facebook, Roger Nilsson took apart the phone into single components, dried them off and put the phone on the radiator to dry out the excess water. After around a day or so, Nilsson tested the phone for its functionality and found that the phone’s core functions (texting, calls etc) all worked as usual, the camera was in fully working condition and the battery lasted for 2 days, as expected.

Thanks to IndiaTimes for the information.

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  1. Sweet, I’d want to find phones in the sea too!

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