Nokia “Pureview” Pioneer Damian Dinning Quits, joins Jaguar Land Rover

/ 5 years ago

Nokia’s former Lead Program Manager and one of the people who worked on Nokia’s N Series- especially Nokia N8, the talked about Nokia 808 Pureview and Lumia 920 decides to call it quits at a time when Nokia UK’s executive team is moving to the main headquarters in Finland.

According to his response viz. posted in Pureview Club, Damian wanted to make photography a part of his everyday like and Nokia gave him exactly what he wanted. However, he completely avoided to give the reason why is he quitting Nokia if did exactly what he liked in the first place. Its also fascinating to see that unlike many who would most likely join a rival smartphone company (or maybe a company that makes cameras for a living in his case), he decided to join Jaguar Land Rover where he’ll take a role in the new field of “connected car”.

Has he grown tired being in the telecom/Smartphone business? Or maybe he doesn’t want to move to Finland with his family? Some questions is just left unanswered!

Source: PureView Club



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