Nokia Sold 8 Million Lumia Handsets In Q3 Of 2013

/ 4 years ago

nokia_lumia_520_2Despite the slow growth of Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform Nokia have managed to do rather well out of it. In Q2 of 2013 they managed to shift 7.4 million Lumia smartphones and according to the Wall Street Journal they’ve managed to sell 8 million in Q3 of 2013, the WSJ cited internal sources close to Nokia.

While the figures are hardly comparable to those from the big vendors like Samsung or Apple, Nokia are posting strong results and their results show one very promising thing  – which is that Lumia sales are growing quite rapidly.

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With the Nokia World 2013 conference starting tomorrow we should expect Nokia to announce a selection of new handsets over the coming weeks. Add to the mix the fact that their new owners, Microsoft, are looking to push the Windows Phone platform aggressively in emerging markets, and we could see Windows Phone and Nokia starting to become a prominent global force (again) in the mobile market.

Image courtesy of Nokia

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