Nokia Here To Support The Tizen Project

/ 4 years ago


The MeeGo operating system composed of Maemo and Moblin has been dropped by Nokia and taken over by Intel and Samsung to Create the Tizen operating system. But it looks like Nokia will not drop support for the project, and will continue to support Tizen.

In a tweet fron Nokia Here, Nokia is stating that it will help the Tizen Project with support for the maps and map-related features:


The purpose of Tizen is to give Samsung the legs to walk away from big old Google. Samsung’s already quite big enough, and will get even larger, so it makes sense that they seek to be fully independent.

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Although Tizen is in its early stages and does not have as much apps as Android, it is getting a lot of support and every little bit counts if it aims to be a successful operating system as Android.

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