Nokia Working on Virtual Reality Hardware?

/ 2 years ago

nokia vr rumor

Everyone knows that Nokia’s phone business was purchased by Microsoft a few years ago, but this does not mean that the renowned Finnish company is out of business, not by a long shot. Recent rumors state that Nokia might actually present its own virtual reality platform next week during a VIP event that will take place in Los Angeles. The first rumors regarding this new project came out in April, and if Nokia does plan to enter the VR market, it could be its most important consumer hardware launch since the Microsoft acquisition.

The Virtual Reality segment is a highly competitive one, as some of the world’s most famous brands are currently researching their own headset versions. These brands include Microsoft, Sony, Google, Samsung, Valve, HTC and Facebook, who managed to get its hands on the Oculus VR last year for $2 billion. It’s pretty obvious that Nokia will have to invest deeply in researching and manufacturing an original, fully functional VR device, but it’s also true that the rewards could definitely outweigh the costs.

During the Los Angeles event, the company will also talk about its Alcatel-Lucent acquisition, the reported sale of its Here maps and its rumored collaboration with Meizu.

Do you think that Nokia could make a name for itself in the VR segment?

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