Non-Reference R9 290X Graphics Card Coming Late November

/ 4 years ago


At the moment AMD have released the reference variant of the R9 290X  and AMD partners are only allowed to sell those reference models – nothing customised in any way. If you’re looking for a custom cooled R9 290X you need to buy a reference version and modify it with your own custom cooling solution, or you can get a retailer to do it for you – like the OCUK custom R9 290X (pictured above) which is sold pre-fitted with a Prolimatech MK-26 VGA cooler. SweClockers reports that this restriction is going to last through to late November because only in late November will AMD life restrictions on partners, enabling them to launch their custom solutions.

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In late November AMD will lift restrictions on custom PCB and cooler designs. From late November you can expect to see the usual variants of an AMD graphics card such as the Direct CU II TOP (ASUS), Twin Frozr Gaming (MSI), Double/Triple Dissipation (XFX), WindForce (Gigabyte), Vapor-X (Sapphire) and more. There is no specific date for the restriction being lifted but anyone after a custom PCB design is definitely going to have to wait till then. Of course the first (reference) R9 290X graphics cards aren’t shipping until November 4th so you’ll only have to wait about 2-3 weeks “extra” for those custom designs.

Image courtesy of Overclockers UK

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14 Responses to “Non-Reference R9 290X Graphics Card Coming Late November”
  1. Matthew Humpherson says:

    Seems like a stupid decision to delay the custom pcb/coolers by so much considering how terrible the stock cooler is. I’m sure it is going to reduce sales by a fair amount. Then if the 780 ti is out before the other coolers AMD are going to have real problems.

    • Couldn’t agree more. They’ve shot themselves in the foot.

      • faaaaq says:

        no they havent. they no doubt make more money on each sale of a reference card than they do on custom cooled ones or ones with a custom pcb.

        • Oh sure most definitely the margins are higher for them on stock units. But by shooting themselves in the foot I meant:

          1) people that were going to buy a R9 290X may see the results in reviews as underwhelming because the poor stock cooler makes the card appear 5-10% worse in performance than it actually is

          2) people that want to buy a non-reference version may become impatient at having to wait so long and take their custom elsewhere such as to an Nvidia 780 or Titan, maybe a 780 Ti if that comes out before these.

          • Skidmarks says:

            I may be wrong but I don’t think the poor performance of the stock cooler will have a negative effect on sales of these cards in the long run.

          • YC says:

            These cards will run no problem 95C and it wont damage the card AMD states that. If otherwise well you and me could sue the company i dont think that the comapnies death will as that unless there are retared monkeys …. The question is though how much better will be the non-referance versions be ? for overclocking and performance mainly. Becouse people buy card by performance if it was all about heat and noise well you can always stay with your intigrated graphics.

            Lets get abit more serious there is a little thing called marketing and if you are a fanboy of any comapny you loose. If you are a BF4 player and will play that game untill the new one comes out well hate to say it but 3 GB will just not be enough. They reccomand 3 GB they never say 3 GB will get you untill the next game without bottlenecking later on now do they, they said 1 GB for BF3 now thats not enough your GPU Vram will bottleneck and you wont have a very stable gameplay (FPS) Its just like companies say that for example X games minimum requirments is GT 8600 512mb vram GPU, YES the minimum does run the game but they dont say at playable frame rates …. Get the point guys. I own a company its all about marketing and telling what people want to hear. TIPS : Want to play BF4 untill the next BF game then you will upgrade go with a 4 GB if you want to upgrade couple months in get a 5 GB (Think of the 5 GB for the next BF game as the 1 GB on BF3 / 3 GB on BF4, they will patch so it wont be enough) Want to play BF4 and the next one untill the other game comes out or couple months in the next game well get the best 6 GB card you can. NOTE the next BF will be playable with what i said but with current cards the game after the next may have a very hard time to play so play the cards correctly.

    • Eroticus says:

      Stupid thing was that they didn’t copied 79990 Cooler ~.~

    • Skidmarks says:

      I don’t think so. Remember AMD will be a cheaper solution for similar performance (that’s the theory anyway).

  2. Alistair Hardy says:

    I can understand that the reference cooler isn’t too good otherwise it will put off the partners but this card really needs it.

  3. GH0ST_SE7EN says:

    Lol, this would be great on a 780 Ti.

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