Noontec A9 Smart TV Box Review

/ 5 years ago

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We get a lot of different products come through our doors, and when we see another media box we tend to sigh as we generally know they aren’t up to scratch. Sure they look nice and have a good feature list, but for the majority, they are let down by their specifications.

Simply put, a 500MHz processor and 256MB DDR2/3 memory just can’t cut it, but it still seems that a lot of brands on the market don’t seem to be getting the big picture and continue to offer this cheap tat (for fears of a better word) to the general public, and the consumer continues to keep buying it, and personally it gets frustrating to see it happen.

This is where we come along, to educate the masses into what’s good and frankly, what’s not and today has seen something a bit special landing with us. Something that offers an impressive feature list and some tech savvy specifications to boot and it’s all from a brand that not many may have heard of, and that’s Noontec.

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Noontec are a fairly unheard of name in the tech industry, but don’t let this put you off in the slightest, as from a first glance, we have high hopes with their offering; the A9 Smart TV Box which offers up an all-in-one wireless enabled Android 2.3 enabled device, reading for web browsing, gaming, video, music and much much more and we decided to put it to the test to see if it can really deliver on what it claims.

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  • Almoradigary

    How do I get the A9 box to connect wirelessly to my laptop? Using a network search for a new wireless device on my HP DV6 laptop does not discover the A9 box. I was hoping to be able to stream from my laptop to my TV wirelessly through the A9 box. Is this possible? Thanks.

    • Robin Goodfellow

      It doent connet wirelessly to pcs but to a router

  • Derekvaughan5647

    Can I use BBC iplayer on the A9 Box.

    • Tga.tim

      Ive used BBC iplayer through the browser and had reasonable quality but sound out of sync by about 1 second. This is using HDMI output I have not tried A/V output yet. The android apps for BBc iplayer or ITV Player will not run on this device.

  • Grouchmax

    I presume you can use media stored on your PC to be played on TV via this box?

  • collins

    i cant connect to a network at all help

  • collins

    at all on my noontec device its bran new and it wont let me connect to an ip no mater what i try does some body no what i can do to fix this

  • 77mikey

    does anyone know how to stream tv shows or movies on this thing like people do on apple tv?

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